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Field Service Management Software: Everything Your Business Needs To Know

February 22, 2024

Have you just started your journey with small works and service management? Or are you at a point where manual processes are becoming overwhelming? As more jobs come in and your team’s bandwidth becomes further stretched, it’s unrealistic to be able to effectively manage your small works and maintenance through separate systems. Additionally, as you take on more engineers, you can start to face challenges regarding logistics, whether it’s assigning the right engineer to each job or monitoring their time against completed work. It can all become a bit too much.

With so many moving parts, it’s easy to put pause on your expansion plans due to the administrative burden it can cause. That’s why if you want to avoid these situations, or you’ve outgrown your current systems, small works and service management software might be just what you need.

We understand that finding all the relevant information can be daunting. That’s why we’ve written this blog to illustrate exactly what service management software is, the benefits it can bring to your business, and when you should consider implementing a solution.

What is service management software?

Service management, or small works software enables businesses to effectively communicate, organise and streamline coordination between field-based workers and office employees, supporting businesses to majorly increase their operational efficiency.

Who can use service management software?

Service management software can be used by any business to effectively manage their small works and maintenance services. The software is designed to allow businesses to become more agile and proactive. Therefore, companies like engineers, electricians, plumbers, technicians, and even landscapers can reap the rewards from service management software. A field management/small works helps to improve the running day-to-day operations of your business, by providing real-time updates to enhance visibility.

When should businesses start using service management software?

It’s best practice to use a robust service management system from the beginning of your journey. Investing in your small works and service management at the start helps to create reliable processes that will support your company in increasing its operations. While manual processes may work for now, as your services expand, requiring more resources, your team will need a scalable solution to manage incoming requests.

Adopting a new system requires training for your staff to enable them to become fully accustomed and confident in using the product. If you implement a new system when your team is at full capacity, it will make it more difficult for your team to fully utilise the new solution. That’s why implementing a scalable solution that can cater to your entry-level operations all the way to your end goal is crucial.

How does service management software help businesses?

As your business starts to grow, it becomes more difficult to manage jobs coming in and allocating people to carry out the work. With your team using Excel spreadsheets, messaging services and other platforms, it becomes an operational nightmare. Managing resources across different channels is bound to lead to human errors and delays in service.

It’s essential to manage all your resources from an easy-to-use tool, rather than disparate systems. That’s why using an effective field management and small works solution helps to alleviate the administrative burden placed upon your team.

How can Eque2 help with your small works and maintenance?

As the small works and maintenance side of your business becomes a dependable revenue stream, you’ll need technology to support your team. That’s where Service Stream can help. We offer our own solution designed for small works and maintenance, enabling businesses to take their first step into service management software and grow alongside your expanding operations.

An easy-to-use, yet high-performing solution, it enables businesses like yours to stay on top of your jobs. With a product like Service Stream, you can simplify administrative tasks and centralise crucial documentation for jobs and further align your finances. Also, Service Stream follows the familiar format you’re accustomed to, meaning that when you implement the software, you’ll easily be able to train staff and maximise the product’s benefits immediately.

How Service Stream can support your business

Service Stream provides your business with the capabilities to bring your on-site and off-site team members together. Not only this, but you are also provided with countless benefits, including:

Record Job Details

Easily understand upcoming jobs through a numbered view, to quickly identify upcoming tasks and respond efficiently.

Allocate Jobs Based on Priority

Automatically prioritise incoming jobs, enabling you to assign relevant engineers based on their priority levels and location. This aids timely responses for your customers and prevents any breaches of SLAs.

View Service History

Gain insight into your clients’ service history to create better relationships, by understanding their past service experiences to help effectively address their current job requirements.

Monitor Real-Time Job Status

Track the status of jobs in real-time to ensure compliance with SLAs. Also, proactively plan for future tasks and find potential training needs for your engineers.

Enhanced SLA Reporting

Accurately report on job statuses to prevent SLA breaches and maintain customer satisfaction. While creating timely reports to help identify any issues and mitigate potential penalties.

Track Labour and Material Costs

Monitor labour and material transactions to ensure accurate costing and billing for all materials used and the engineers’ time spent on-site. Pre-purchase any necessary materials for every job to ensure that your jobs aren’t delayed by parts waiting to arrive, potentially affecting your SLA.

Accurate Client Invoicing

Automatically generate invoices upon job completion, supported by evidence and audit trails. This helps to ensure your team is in line with the agreed service levels and minimises payment disputes.

Next Steps:

If you’re interested in learning more about our small works and maintenance solution, you can access a short online demo explaining the software.

Although, if you’re ready to discuss, please follow this link to complete the form at the bottom of the page, your Account Manager will reach out directly!

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